Sacred Heart

I started this paint a couple weekends ago. It has taken some time to complete. Between caring for a family member after surgery, ER visits, and a death in the family, I had little time to spare. So, with five minutes here and ten minutes there, it is finally finished.

This was done following Cinnamon Cooney’s “Sacred Heart” tutorial on YouTube. 

I started by tracing the image using blue chalk onto a canvas board. Then, I traced all the lines with black paint plus all the canvas around the design.

Next, I just had fun painting in the design. I also started on the stones for the wall.

The stones were the hardest part for me. I didn’t have the same colors as Cinnamon Cooney so I had to adjust for the colors I had. I finished the painting by redefining the black lines.

Finishing this painting helped me cope with the loss of my cousin, Gene. I’m dedicating this painting to him.

In Loving Memory, Carl “Gene” Vest, Jr

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this and stop by again soon. Until next time Happy Creating.


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